Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gospel Chapel is on the map... in a whole new way!

Recently some new friends, a young couple from Miami, introduced the Cowperthwaite family to "geocaching". This up and coming sport involved a treasure hunt of sorts, with clues and GPS coordinates on a website that lead hunters to "caches" of different sorts. In some situations, one will find a small container and sign a log in sheet. In other geocaches, there are collectible and traded coins, or other souvenirs to take home with you after finding a cache.

After walking and searching around Key West a few days, we found a few caches and thought that it would be good to hide one on the chapel property. We found a container that would withstand wind, rain, and such and filled it with a few items to share, some glass beads, a small shell, and a crocheted snowflake. We then put in a log book and a pencil, and created an entry at . On with the hunt!

So today, the cache was found by 4 people over the day, and the related clues indicate that folks are welcome to come in to the chapel, pray, sit and rest, or come say "Hello" if they like. One couple has already stopped to visit and ask about the chapel's unique history. We intend in the near future to write a document with the history of the chapel building and also a Gospel message to share. We have Gospel literature here for folks to take, and are usually around to talk to anyone who wants to stop by.

The rules of geocaching do not allow proselytizing those looking for geocaches, but the history of the chapel naturally leads in to the discussion of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Gospel, so we plan to take that opportunity to share. We just wanted to share how we are trying to be creative in sharing the Gospel and letting the community know that we are here as a lighthouse for the Lord. Thanks for reading, we welcome input and suggestions on new ways to reach our community for Christ.

Mark for the saints at the Gospel Chapel of Key West.
Link to instructions for this cache>> "Are you ready?"

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  1. Interesting application of the Word of God to modern-day life!

    The kingdom of heaven is like something precious buried in a field, which a man found and hid again; then in his joy he goes and sells all he has and buys that field.
    (Mat 13:44 AMP)

    /me *really* likes this.