Saturday, January 8, 2011

Family Bible School- Day 2

We had a great time today looking into Matthew chapter 2, with the Magi coming with gifts for the newborn King of the Jews, Jesus, the Messiah. We talked and sang about the gift of eternal life that came to mankind, the fulfilled prophecies, and how each one of us should offer our best for Christ.

We memorized Romans 6:23, and discussed the message of the Gospel more today. We discussed what sin is, why the payment we deserve (wages of sin) is death, and how merciful God is to offer His Son to die in our place. God has given His most favorite thing to us, His Son Jesus. We reinforced the truth that a gift doesn't do you any good unless you receive it for yourself. Gifts by their very nature are free, another blessed truth of salvation by grace through faith. We cannot earn this gift, but only humbly accept God's offer to us.

The Howards shared in the teaching and also had a great idea for reinforcing the lesson. The children each got a picture to fill in and color, each one instructed to think of what they could give to the Lord. Some said they would give their time, others their favorite toys, and some said they would give their hearts and lives to God. I pray that in the years to come, these children do choose to give all of themselves to the Lord for His service.

As we labor together to train our children in God's Word, I am reminded that this knowledge is just part of the bigger picture. We must also live according to the truths that God has given us, to model a life given completely to Christ, and to be an example that these young ones can follow. It is a great reponsibility, and a blessed privilege.

Mark Cowperthwaite for the saints of Key West Gospel Chapel

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