Monday, February 21, 2011

Google has found the Gospel Chapel

A friend called the other day to let us know something rather funny. It seems that if you go to and search "gospel literature" you will see that out of about 300,000 results, the Key West Gospel Chapel blog (the site you are on) has the #3 and #5 spots. If you don't want to bother, just check out the picture below for the results. Guess we had better keep talking about sharing the Gospel and the literature we use, as the world is watching. Not sure if being on Google's top results is a good things though....


Friday, February 18, 2011

Another venue for sharing!

Here at the Gospel Chapel, we have many venues to share the Gospel, from jail ministry to discipleship to door to door Gospel outreach, God has opened the doors for many opportunities to proclaim His name and be a unifying force in the body of Christ. None of this is possible in the flesh, but only as we humbly submit ourselves to the influence of the Holy Spirit, who will guide us into all truth. 

One of the new ideas (borrowed from a few friends) is a monthly newsletter. This newsletter will introduce ministries of the church body in Key West, offering encouragement and fellowship, and keep folks informed of what is going on around here. We will have a listing of upcoming events and speakers for our Sunday services, along with much more. Thank you for your interest in the work of the Lord in Key West at the chapel. It is such a blessing to see the Lord at work, to God be the glory for the things He has done!

From our first monthly newsletter:

Our first newsletter
This is our first monthly newsletter from the Key West
Gospel Chapel. In an effort to keep our friends and neighbors up to
date with what is going on here at the Gospel Chapel, we would
like to offer these monthly updates and information.
You will find that there is a lot going on not just on
Sundays at the chapel, but throughout the week we find
encouragement and challenge as we study God's Word together and
reach out to our community with the message of eternal life
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Our ladies Bible study will hold its first meeting February
27th at 3:00pm and will meet every Sunday, Lord willing. The goal
of this time is fellowship and encouragement from God's Word in
the specific realm of Christian womanhood. While this time is
designed to best help Christian women, those interested in learning
more about the message of the Bible and Christianity are welcome
to come and learn with us.
Sara Cowperthwaite will be hosting this time, but all are
encouraged to share from their experience and knowledge of God's
Word and the special place of women in God's plan. We hope you
can join us as we seek to grow more in Christ together.

The men of the Gospel Chapel have recently started a
weekly Bible study on Friday mornings at 10:00am. This study
time is open to discussion from God's Word of the pressing needs
of Christian men. While this time is designed for Christian men,
those interested in learning more about the message of the Bible
and Christianity are welcome to come and learn with us. It is our
desire to help and encourage, and challenge one another to be the
men God wants us to be. Join us as we grow together. Mark
Cowperthwaite will be leading group discussions.
There is also an open prayer meeting on Saturday mornings
at 8:00am. This time is focused on praying for the churches of Key
West and the Gospel outreach in our city. We believe that setting
aside time each week to focus our hearts, united in prayer, is
crucial to the effectiveness of the Lord's work.

Download the newsletter

Paper copies of the chapel newsletter are available at the chapel, and will be distributed in our door to door Gospel outreach also. We thank the Lord for any chance we get to proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ and edify all those who are called by His name.

Mark on behalf of the Christians of the Gospel Chapel

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kids clubs at Bernstein Park February 10,11,12

This week, we plan to have kids clubs at Bernstein Park on Stock Island on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 4:30-530pm. Our regular Saturday Family Bible School will instead meet at the park. If you need directions or more information, please call Mark or Sara at (305)-767-3888 or the chapel at (305)-294-4351.

Tim Hood and family will be helping us in Gospel outreach, along with David Bosworth from Boulevard Bible Chapel in Hollywood, Florida. We have a full schedule of prayer and Bible study, door to door Gospel outreach, kids clubs, and much more. We thank God for those who come and minister in our community alongside the saints at the Gospel Chapel.

We are also planning a Ladies Bible Study to start in the next few weeks, which is tentatively scheduled for Sunday afternoons. We will make a formal announcement once we nail down a time that is good for everyone. Please pray for all the ministries of the Gospel Chapel as we seek to preserve unity in the body of Christ and reach those who have never heard the message of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. If you have any questions regarding the chapel, you can also email us at

On behalf of the saints in Key West,
Mark Cowperthwaite

Friday, February 4, 2011

New arrivals in Gospel literature

The new Gospel tracts have arrived. This design looked great on the computer screen, but is even better in my hand. We received 2,000 of these tracts today in the mail, and have already put them to good use. We thank God for giving us the message, and we thank the hard working servants of the Lord for using their time and talents for His glory.

We have begun our door to door evangelism here in Key West, but are awaiting permission for certain housing units before we continue in some neighborhoods. We have noted that in one of our largest target areas, most folks are not home during the early afternoon. Due to our heavy schedule in the late afternoon and evening, we will have to move some things around in our personal schedules so that we can be more effective in reaching people when they are home.

The laws here, to the best of our knowledge, do not allow us to leave literature at people's homes or on cars. Our greater desire is not just to leave literature, but to speak the message of Jesus Christ to them in person and then leave literature to read and consider after the conversation is over. We find that we are most effective when we can learn what folks believe and let them know that we are interested in more than numbers or canvassing an area, but truly getting to know our neighbors, to love them in truth and show them God's truth. The message of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ is the message of eternal life, of reconciliation with a holy and just God that we have offended by our sin. It is the greatest message in the history of the world and we thank the Lord for the privilege to share it with others.

We continue to add to our weekly scheduled meetings at the chapel, and we thank God for bringing in new friends and family in Christ to share with. If you have never attended any of these meetings  and have the chance, we would love to greet you and get to know you. Our desire is to minister to those who do not know Christ as Savior and to encourage Christians to love Him more and serve Him better.

Please check our Service Times page for updated scheduled meetings. A "Bible basics" course is in the works, as is a meeting time for ladies to grow together in the Lord. Timing is the issue we are currently working on, but we trust the Lord will make openings for those things He desires us to do for His glory.

We will be updating our personal blog with our family's weekly schedule. We have some tentative plans for other study times and ministry, but if you have a need we might be able to help you  with, please let us know.

Mark for the Cowperthwaite family and and the saints at Key West Gospel Chapel